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Nutrition and Hydration Week 2022 at Hengist Field Care Home

To kick start Nutrition and Hydration Week (14-20 March), we did an afternoon of tea tasting here at Hengist Field Care Home.

We had Berry Fruits, Lemon Ginger & Manuka Honey, Mint, Turmeric with Orange and Star Anise, Kelp and Nettle, and Camomile to name a few. We also had smoothies, banana and berry fruits, and we added a jug of Pimms and lemonade for good measure!

The residents had a great time tasting the different teas and discussing the tastes, flavours, colours and if they liked them or not. The tea that came out top was the Berry Fruits tea.

It was a fun tasting afternoon!


Anita (left and right) chose to try the Kelp and Nettle, but said she didn’t like it! She found this picture so funny ⬆️