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Music for St George and milkshake making at Hengist Field Care Home

George’s Day celebrations

On Tuesday 23 April we enjoyed a lovely afternoon celebrating St George’s Day with our Hengist Field Care Home residents, in the company of performer Rob.T.

Rob sang a great selection of songs and got everyone joining in – singing, clapping, waving hands and tapping their feet.

A fantastic afternoon of music and smiles!

Milkshake making

On Wednesday, as requested by our ladies and gents, we organised our milkshake making trolley again, as it was so popular last time.

Our residents chose what they wanted in their shake and we had a great selection of ‘naughty but nice‘ ingredients – cream, ice-cream, bananas, strawberries, mixed fruit, Biscoff spread, Nutella and flavoured sauces.

Once again our famous milkshake trolley was a very big hit. Mmmmm, yummy!