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Mindful meditation at Hengist Field Care Home

Our meditation sessions with the lovely Nina here at Hengist Field Care Home have become very popular. These relaxing sessions are helping our residents with their inner senses and well-being, and they absolutely love it.

Nina sometimes leads a guided meditation where she makes sure everyone is sitting comfortably, before she relaxes them and then takes them for a beautiful trip in their minds through the forest.

This week, Nina did guided breath work, following the rhythm of the waves of the ocean, for a deeper relaxation. Nina also did a mental ‘body scan’ to bring awareness to tension in different parts of the body.

Our residents have said that they find the techniques so good, they sometimes use them at night to help them sleep, if they are unable to get to sleep.

One of our ladies who experiences tremors in her hands also uses the meditation techniques that Nina teaches; they are certainly making a significant difference.

Thank You Nina, we look forward to our next session.