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Halloween decorations at Hengist Field Care Home

We are embracing the spooky season of Halloween here at Hengist Field Care Home.

It is a favourite time of year for a lot of our residents and staff members alike.

We have ‘spooked up’ all our Units with spider webs, ghosts, pumpkins, bats, witches hats and more!

We’ve also been having fun with our ladies and gents making creepy decorations for their rooms.

Linda and Kath enjoyed painting scary masks to wear for our Friday party, as well as witches cats. Linda wanted a black cat while Kath chose to have a cute ‘not so scary’ ginger cat (called Roger!). They had lots of fun…with lots of paint in places we never thought paint could go!

We have lots spooky plans for the week, and we’re all looking forward to our Halloween party on Friday.


Spooky fun at Hengist Field Care Home

Spooky fun!