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Fitness is fun at Hengist Field Care Home

At Hengist Field Care Home we are passionate about the saying ‘If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!’ and our gentle exercises aim to keep everyone’s mobility strong.

We focus on doing exercises most days to make sure our residents are keeping fit and enjoying moving as much as they can. Although most of our residents aren’t able to walk, it doesn’t stop us from using what they have.

We have had great fun learning Tai Chi. This was seated and very relaxed, breathing deeply and opening up our arms and chests, strengthening all our muscles. Our residents loved this as a warm up and for quiet time.

We also do seated dance routines; not only does this get the hearts racing (and us all sweaty!), we also have to use our heads. Learning seated dance routines can be a sneaky fun way to remember things and coordinate what we are thinking and needing to do with our bodies. It’s amazing how much you can remember when having fun!

Upbeat music for everyone to tap their feet to, or just enjoy listening and singing along to, works really well. There’s something for everyone, at whatever level.

There is so much to explore with gentle exercise and it doesn’t just have to be the same old routines each time.

Great fun and great for everyone’s fitness and general well-being.