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Food guessing and games at Hengist Field Care Home

Taste and guess!

On Saturday 2 September here at Hengist Field Care Home we hosted a ‘Guess The Food’ afternoon, when we had a selection of different texture foods to try that suited everyone’s dietary requirements, so everyone could join in.

It was so much fun, we covered everyone’s eyes with masks, so they couldn’t see and then gave them a taste of something to see if they could guess what they were eating. We had mashed banana, marshmallow fluff, soft cheese triangles, olives, chorizo/pepperoni, jelly with custard and more!

Everyone said how much they enjoyed it and how much fun it was and it was lovely to see everybody joining in.

New games

On Monday with our Horsa community, we tried out some new activity games, some of which are Montessori inspired; they are designed to stimulate, encourage experimenting and participation and the use of focus and eye coordination skills. They can also be calming and relaxing.

They also offer opportunities to use visual, verbal and body movement skills. Most are brightly coloured and are inviting to use and look at.

We also have Jenga with brightly coloured blocks, a magnetic dart board and a large Connect4, which our residents had so much fun and engagement with.


New games at Hengist Field Care Home