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Peace and love at Hengist Field Care Home at Woodstock 1969 event

Wow! What an amazing event we had here at Hengist Field Care Home on Friday 2 September! It was peace, love and rock ‘n roll all the way as we hosted a fantastic ‘Woodstock 1969’ party at our Home and invited residents from Woodstock Residential Care Home to join us.

With lots of ideas and preparations beforehand, we got our lovely residents involved in helping with decorative arts and crafts, including making bracelets, necklaces, flower headbands, table decorations and tie-dye art.

We enjoyed lots of reminiscing, including remembering all the singers that actually played at the original Woodstock Festival in 1969.

Our residents watched all of the different stages of decorations coming together in our garden, tepees, tents and ‘The Hengist Field Groovy Bar‘ – with all the bunting and banners going up, they said it looked amazing!

Our fantastic ladies and gents joined all our staff and management in dressing up on the day in brightly coloured outfits, with colourful tops, headbands, garlands, coloured glasses and pendant necklaces – all ready to ‘get groovy’!

The atmosphere was fantastic! Everyone enjoyed games of Tin Can Alley, The Coconut Shy and ‘Bra Pong!’ and had pictures taken in our photo booth, while our singer Rob T sang a selection of songs that really got the afternoon started, with people dancing and singing.

The food was absolutely gorgeous; Kay our Head Chef managed all of the preparations, then Hengist Field Chef Johnny and Woodstock Chef Sebastian wowed us with their culinary delights and BBQ food at the party.

We had ice-cream and dessert stations too, plus alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

Everybody had such a fun day – we can’t stop talking about it!

Our residents and their families have been complimenting us on such a wonderful event, which is fantastic to hear. Thank you to everyone who helped create such a colourful, magical and memorable day.

Peace, love and rock ‘n roll forever!!