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Limbo laughs at Hengist Field Care Home

We had such a brilliant Sports Day at Hengist Field Care Home on Thursday 20 August with laughs all around.

We concentrated on those residents unable to leave their rooms in the morning so that they could feel part of our exciting day. Many of our residents were unable to leave their beds so we made sure we involved them, including Derek who enjoyed doing some egg and spoon balancing. Then after lunch staff and residents on our Rowena Unit joined in the fun!

Our Home Manager Neli was hilarious doing the limbo with an inflatable flamingo on her head! She got involved doing all kinds of things during the day including the egg and spoon race around our courtyard garden with our Activity staff, the hoopla and many other activities! She was such a good sport joining in and raising a laugh from our residents and staff alike.

Our other members of staff joined in including our Unit Manager Jane and Emily who both limboed and Grace who cartwheeled over the limbo pole! Then Karthi from Housekeeping tried his luck at the limbo, as did Trudy and Jack from our Kitchen Team!

Our residents took part in various games, including egg balancing, using fly swats to hit a ball into a small goal, hoopla, skittles, throwing hoops onto flamingo hats and many more!

We all thoroughly enjoyed the day!