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Hengist Field Care Home resident helps assemble new potting shed

You asked, We did!

A few of our residents at Hengist Field Care Home have been asking to plant some seedlings and said it would be lovely to have a potting shed.

So we purchased a small shed, which two of our lovely gents assembledresident Michael who loves to keep active and busy, and our wonderful volunteer George.

The two gents worked together to put the shed together and were kept topped up with cups of tea and refreshments along the way! Both gents were pleased with their efforts and shook hands at the end to congratulate each other on their achievement.

On completion, Jane, one of our ladies who requested the potting shed, gave it the once over and her seal of approval – she was over the moon and can’t wait to start using it. So let’s get the gardening gloves at the ready!

Huge thanks again to Michael and George for all their hard work.


Hengist Field Care Home resident and volunteer assembling a new potting shed