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Hengist Field Care Home enjoy fish and chip outing to Whitstable

We had an absolutely wonderful day on Wednesday 25 May when we took our residents from Hengist Field Care Home out for a fish and chip lunch, to the beautiful coastal town of Whitstable.

We had songs playing in our minibus for a singalong, and there was plenty of group conversation, laughter and lovely countryside to look at on the drive.

Our residents chatted about how things have changed, with new buildings, motorways and countryside, to what they remember. Everyone got excited to see the sea; the weather wasn’t brilliant sunshine, but there was plenty of sunshine and smiles in the minibus!

We enjoyed our fish and chips at the Jones` restaurant and takeaway (known for their fabulous fish and chips!). Once seated, everyone chose what they wanted to eat and drink. The fish portions were classed as ‘small’, but the cod were nearly as big as us – and absolutely gorgeous! We had side dishes of mushy peas, gherkins and huge pickled onions too for those who’d like them, plus plenty of tea or cold drinks to wash it all down.

We then took the scenic route back to Hengist Field, stopping off at Faversham for a Kelly’s Cornish ice-cream, as you can’t visit the seaside without having an ice-cream!

Back at home, our residents were telling everyone what a wonderful day they had had.

Where will our next trip out take us?!