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Getting To Know You board game at Hengist Field Care Home

Getting to know you…

Last week at Hengist Field Care Home we had a board game afternoon – but not your usual, every day board game, but one with a ‘getting to know you’ theme; no winners or losers and no rules to follow either. Just roll the dice answer the getting to know you question.

We all enjoyed this fun activity and all the answers given to questions were different and funny. We are all the same but can be so different at the same time!

Lovely to get to know our residents’ views, memories and stories from their lives before Hengist. 

Person-centre activities

At Hengist Field we believe it is just as important to have person-centred activities as it is to have group sessions.

Yes we encourage all our able residents to join other residents in our lounge areas for fun and chatter, but it’s also very important to have time with just one resident, to find out more about them without anyone else’s input.

You can learn a lot from someone when it’s just the two of you.

Our resident Kath is a very proud mother and home-maker and from what she tells us, she enjoyed every moment. We gave Kath a magnetic picture board of the baking cupboard. Seeing this triggered many happy memories for her as she explained which item did what, and what cakes she liked and used to bake for her family. These kinds of activities are great for reminiscence and we love learning new things about our ladies and gents every day.


Hengist Field Care Home resident with a baking themed picture board

Kath with her baking cupboard picture board