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Games and a sing song at Hengist Field Care Home

Fun and games

We love to play games with our residents at Hengist Field Care Home and assist them to get involved as much as possible.

We enjoyed some parachute fun recently, which was very funny and balls were flying over the place! We then slowed it down with a target game, where residents could throw bean bags on the target and add up the points they got.

Residents had four bean bags each and were able to take their time. Our staff were able to assist with throwing them and be the Points Master. Anita was our winner!

Singing loud and proud….

We spiced up our coffee afternoon with an old fashioned sing-along last week.

We found a song book – ‘Words for 100 Popular Songs‘ – and we went through songs like ‘King of the road’, ‘Cockles and mussels’, ‘Blow the man down’ and ‘My grandfather’s clock’, all singing along together!

It turned out that it was only staff who needed the words! It’s amazing how certain songs will stay in your mind forever.

Meet Harvey

A little while ago our resident Vera was bought a wonderful interactive toy dog for her birthday. This dog has been so popular on our Horsa Unit that we just had to bring another one in!

Meet Harvey (named by Carole!) who will bring lots of comfort to residents, especially those who have a passion for animals.

Harvey barks, wags his tails and makes our residents feel happy inside. Definitely puppy love!

Hengist Field Care Home residents with Harvey the interactive dog