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Fabric painting and a new picture board at Hengist Field Care Home

Painting fabric doilies

On Thursday 21 January, our Horsa Unit residents at Hengist Field Care Home had the chance to paint on to fabric squares using bright coloured paint.

This was a good opportunity to use hand-eye coordination skills and gave our residents a chance to make creative decisions themselves as they worked with the materials.

We supplied a variety of different sized brushes, so our residents could choose the brush they wanted, the colour they wanted as well as paint whatever they chose.

These fabric squares will be displayed in our residents’ rooms as decorative doilies.

Our new picture board

We have also started a picture board to display photos of all our staff and management enjoying fun-filled times at Hengist. Pictures include competitions and fancy dress of course – we’re hoping they will boost everyone’s morale and make everyone smile.

The board will be changed regularly with updated photos to keep us all amused and will be displayed in a prime position for all our staff and residents to see.


Hengist Field Care Home resident painting onto fabric with paint

Our residents loved working with the paints