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Dough and daffs at Hengist Field Care Home

Salt dough crafting

On Tuesday 28 February we did some salt dough crafting here at Hengist Field Care Home and, as always, there was plenty of group conversation and laughter.

Some amazing things were made, including shamrocks for St Patrick’s Day, daffodils for St David’s Day, dogs, snails and more! We will paint and decorate our creations during our next arts and craft session.

St. David’s Day Daffodils

On Wednesday 1 March we celebrated St David’s Day with a special Welsh themed menu, which went down very well with our residents.

We displayed cheery daffodils around the Home and everyone received a bunch of daffodils for their room, which brought so many smiles, it was lovely. A little spring and sunshine from outside in!

Dydd gwyl dewi sant hapus!