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Coronation weekend at Hengist Field Care Home

Wow! What a weekend of celebrations for the coronation of King Charles III here at Hengist Field Care Home – it was a party from start to finish and our residents had a blast!

On Friday we hosted an afternoon tea, which everyone loved, especially the cakes!

Then on Saturday, everyone gathered together to watch the coronation on television in our Russet lounge, where everyone enjoyed some snacks and a celebratory drink to toast the new king. The drinks flowed very well all over the weekend (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) including Baileys, wine, Prosecco, beer and champagne of course!

So as not to miss any of the coronation, we laid up tables and served lunch in the lounge, for those who didn’t want to miss a second of it. Union Jack hats were worn, flags were waved, crowns were donned and we even had our own king amongst us, wearing a crown and cape! Everyone had such a great time.

In the afternoon, the party carried on, as the fantastic Peter Kneebone came to sing for us. Peter got everyone singing along, waving their flags and having a wonderful time. Our lovely Recreation and Well-Being Manager Viv joined us, in fantastic fancy dress and our volunteer George also came for the celebrations in a Union Jack waistcoat and bow tie. Peter carried on singing even after his finishing time, as the atmosphere was electric.

Everyone then enjoyed a small buffet, including royal quiche, (cooked to the royal recipe) and a stunning coronation cake.

An absolutely smashing weekend! Thank you Peter for such fantastic entertainment.

‘God Save The King!’