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Chocolate delights at Hengist Field Care Home

Easter eggs

A huge ‘Thank you‘ to Paul Murray and his lovely students from the Oasis Academy School on the Isle of Sheppey who visited us at Hengist Field Care Home last week.

Paul and his students kindly thought of us and came to make a special delivery of Easter eggs for all our wonderful residents – who will thoroughly enjoy them.

We hugely appreciate this very generous gesturethank you to them all!

Disney chocolate trolley

Continuing the chocolate theme, we enjoyed a lovely day at our Home last week with a delicious Disney decorated chocolate trolley, which went down a treat!

Our Recreation and Well-Being Team dressed in Disney attire and had Disney props for our residents to wear if they wished. The Mini Mouse ears were lots of fun!

There was an assortment of chocolates for our residents to choose from and enjoy – from Aero and Crunchie bars to Maltesers and Chocolate Buttons. Our residents loved all the Disney images too.

So much fun and delicious too!


Chocolate Disney themed trolley at Hengist Field Care Home

Our delicious themed trolley was a big hit!