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Balloon volleyball and quiz fun at Hengist Field Care Home


This week we assembled a volleyball net for our residents at Hengist Field Care Home and got the balloons at the ready!

Our ladies and gents enjoyed a funny game of volleyball, with a little help (and laughter!) from Angel and Jacqui from our Recreation and Well-Being Team.

Our residents Reg and Pam went head-to-head in our Acorn Lounge, with all to play for! Reg won with 15 points to Pam’s 10. Pam said she just enjoyed having something to hit! Ha!

Giggles and gentle exercise all in one for this light-hearted activity and it’s always great seeing our residents do something a little different from the norm.

Brain stretching

Our residents in our Rowena Unit do love a good quiz! It gets the braincells working, and even at a ripe old age our residents get to learn something new.

Everyone has a chance to join in and show off their knowledge and there’s always a little competition that keeps residents on their toes!